EEF 2019 | 15th EEF – European Ecological Federation Congress

Best Oral and Poster presentations

Best Oral Communication Awards

  • EEF Best Oral Communication Award
  • SPECO Best Oral Communication Award
  • Transmitting Science Best Oral Communication Award

Best Poster Awards

  • Transmitting Science Best Poster Award
  • 3 Ecography Best Poster Awards

To vote for the Best Oral Communication Awards, go to and write down the 5-number code of you favourite talk/abstract. (to know the code, visit the online programme, the 5 digit is shown as EEF2019-XXXXX).

Transmitting Science is a company that started in 2012 to manage specialized courses and workshops. Up to date, we have run more than 135 advanced courses on different topics related to Life Sciences.
Courses and workshops are highly dynamic, always including practical sessions and allowing time for questions and interaction.
Sharing scientific knowledge is our objective. New methodologies need to be learned, and new ideas must be shared and debated in order to advance science.
Since 2016 we offer a range of services for researchers including communication and outreach, event organization and Partnership in European programs.



Ecography is the outlet for empirical and theoretical work in spatial ecology, macroecology and biogeography
ECOGRAPHY publishes exciting, novel, and important articles that significantly advance understanding of ecological or biodiversity patterns in space or time. Papers focusing on conservation or restoration are welcomed, provided they are anchored in ecological theory and convey a general message that goes beyond a single case study. We encourage papers that seek advancing the field through the development and testing of theory or methodology, or by proposing new tools for analysis or interpretation of ecological phenomena. Manuscripts are expected to address general principles in ecology, though they may do so using a specific model system if they adequately frame the problem relative to a generalized ecological question or problem.


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