EEF 2019 | 15th EEF – European Ecological Federation Congress


How is Ecology contributing to the accomplishment of the SDGs?

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has been leading the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). These are multiple goals, some of them interconnected that prove the need of a policy expertise as well as an interdisciplinary approach to tackle the different targets. 

UNDP gives support to the developmental plans and policies within countries, but Nature has no boarders, as it is conveyed in world commissions of climate, water, desertification, etc. When we harm Nature we need to expect environmental and social changes. However, people seem more disconnected from nature problems as technology offers more “solutions” and opportunities. Ecologists can help people to perceive that defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. This means that conventional policy tools could not satisfy social SDGs unless at prices that create unsustainable and wasteful natural resources.

Ecologists contribute to filling the knowledge gap with regards to ecosystem complexities. Today, Ecology is providing the knowledge necessary for helping reach the SGDs converted in the so-called Agenda 2030. 

This debate will open the opportunity to discuss present days issues related to strategies to fulfil the Agenda 2030. Ultimately, we aim to reinforce and clarify the role of two different groups: (i) policy makers, as developers of policies based on societal and environmental values, and (ii) ecologists, as providers of expertise and solutions to achieve the Goals.


Invited panel:

Arjen Wals

Wageningen University | UNESCO Chairholder in Social Learning and Sustainable Development

David Nabarro

Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change; Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Food Security and Nutrition

Humberto Rosa

Director for Natural Capital, Directorate-General Environment, European Commission

Laura Airoldi

Bologna University and Regional Coordinator for the Mediterranean Sea in the global Kelp Ecosystem Ecology Network

Osvaldo Sala

Julie A. Wrigley Chair, Regents' and Foundation Professor, founding director of the Global Drylands Center at Arizona State University and President of Ecological Society of America